Amidst strong calls for corporate social responsibility and public mission, a company must comply with laws and social norms, and all officers including the CEO must fulfill their duties. This can lead to healthy business relationships, a positive workplace environment, social contributions, and high social credibility.
Our compliance policy is a fundamental policy that all officers must adhere to in order to execute fair and appropriate business activities, fulfill our social responsibilities, and perform their duties with integrity. As our basic policy for compliance, we declare that our officers will strictly comply with laws, this policy, our compliance regulations, and other standards with sincerity, and strive to build a more fair, appropriate, and ethical corporate organization and culture.

Objective and Basic Attitude

This Compliance Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") summarizes the fundamental items that are considered particularly important for our business activities and duties.

Code of Conduct:

1. Strictly comply with all relevant laws, regulations, government directives, company regulations, and other related norms in all business activities and job executions.

2. Strive for improvement in all areas.

3. Provide high-quality products and services.

4. Work towards the formation of a recycling-oriented society and make efforts to conserve the environment.

5. Take thorough safety measures in all business activities and job executions to ensure that all stakeholders can obtain safety and peace of mind.

6. Truly understand the social role of the company and proactively engage in social contribution activities as a social responsibility.

7. Disclose company information in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to stakeholders such as business partners, customers, shareholders, and others.

8. Build a sound and transparent relationship with politicians, political organizations, political parties, administrative agencies, and other public organizations in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

9. Strictly implement the elimination of any relationships with antisocial forces and their exclusion.

10. Create a work environment that ensures fair and impartial evaluation of employees and an effective work-life balance.

11. Take prompt and thorough corrective and preventive measures when incidents occur that are contrary to this Code of Conduct or other compliance matters.

Code of Conduct:

⑴ Relationship with business partners and customers

* Strictly comply with laws and regulations.
* Prohibit cartels, bid-rigging, and other illegal and unfair competition and transactions, and treat all business partners and customers with sincerity.
* Prohibit infringement of patent rights and other intellectual property rights, manufacture and sale of counterfeit and imitation products, and other illegal and unfair transactions.
* Comply with the protection of trade secrets, corporate secrets, and proper information management.
* Ensure transparency, such as by agreeing on the compensation for external outsourcing in advance and following the relevant laws and regulations regarding payment of compensation.
* Manage personal information related to customers properly by obtaining it in a legitimate manner, using it within the scope of predetermined purposes, and not disclosing or leaking it to third parties without proper procedures.
* Do not manufacture or sell products that harm human beings, damage the natural environment, or pose a risk.
* Do not engage in transactions with false representation, exaggerated advertising, or unfair solicitation.
* Provide appropriate information on services and respond sincerely, quickly, and accurately to requests and inquiries from buyers and others.
* Provide fair and appropriate services that prioritize the protection of interests.
* Provide safe and secure services that sufficiently consider the protection of interests and satisfy buyers and others.
* Deal fairly and equitably with sincerity under appropriate conditions.
* Take appropriate measures, including cancellation of contracts, without focusing solely on profit pursuit if it is known that a business partner or external outsourcing engages in illegal activities.

⑵ Relationship with shareholders and other investors

* Disclose timely and appropriate information in accordance with laws and regulations regarding business activities, financial status, and all other activities.
* Implement appropriate information disclosure to shareholders and conduct transparent management.
* Prohibit insider trading.
* Prohibit the spread of rumors in the shareholder market, market manipulation, and short selling of stocks.
* Prohibit false entries in financial statements, such as securities reports.
* Provide high transparency information and fulfill accountability to shareholders.
* Do not use corporate racketeers or other anti-social forces, and do not provide benefits to anti-social forces, regardless of the reason.

⑶ Relationship with society

* We work on natural environmental issues and contribute to the preservation of a safe and healthy global environment.
* We recognize that our company and employees are part of society and actively participate in regional activities, cultural activities, sports activities, etc., and engage in proactive social contribution activities through support for disaster prevention and relief activities during emergencies.
* We cut off ties with anti-social forces and exclude illegal and unreasonable demands.
* We conduct public relations and advertising in accordance with internal regulations and appropriate methods based on objective facts.
* We conduct sincere public relations activities and do not defame or use indecent expressions or baselessly emphasize our superiority.
* In external public relations activities, we select appropriate methods to obtain correct understanding from purchasers and others related to the region.
* We do not use expressions that remind people of racism, discrimination against disabled people, etc. that hurt human dignity, and do not make political or religious expressions in advertising.
* We create an environment for healthy business development by improving the company's name recognition and gaining the trust of society by contributing to society.
* In order to strengthen our business competitiveness, we actively acquire and utilize intellectual property rights, and respect third-party legitimate intellectual property rights when using them for business purposes.
* We must not only comply with relevant laws and regulations but also conduct our activities in accordance with sound business practices and social norms.

⑷ Environmental protection

* We work on natural environmental issues and contribute to the preservation of a safe and healthy global environment.

⑸ Elimination of anti-social forces

* Based on relevant laws and regulations, we must take a resolute stance against anti-social forces, and must strictly and reliably execute the cutting of ties with anti-social forces and the elimination of anti-social forces, such as by cooperating with external professional organizations.

⑹ Relationship with politicians, political organizations, political parties, administrative agencies, and other public organizations and groups

* We do not provide benefits to government agencies (including local governments, special corporations, and foreign government agencies) and their employees (including former employees), politicians (including candidates), etc., regardless of the form, contrary to laws and sound business practices.

⑺ Information Management

* We must recognize that information management is at the core of compliance and rigorously collect, store, preserve, and utilize information related to business activities and job execution.

⑻ Relationship with Officers and Employees (Regular Employees, Contract Employees (full-time and part-time), Temporary Staff, Seconded Employees, and Dispatched Employees)

* We must respect the human rights of employees and not engage in discriminatory treatment in employment based on race, creed, gender, religion, nationality, age, educational background, or other personal characteristics.
* We must comply with labor-related laws and regulations, employment rules, and labor agreements such as the Labor Standards Act, and build and maintain good labor relations in the workplace.
* We prohibit illegal or unfair actions such as sexual harassment and power harassment in the workplace and create a healthy and pleasant working environment.
* We protect the privacy of employees.
* As independent and responsible adults with good sense, we perform our duties based on our own responsibilities and authorities and do not neglect self-study for improvement.
* We realize a creative, efficient, safe, and comfortable workplace environment.
* We maintain a healthy workplace environment, prevent occupational accidents, and take care of our own health.
* If we have a duty of confidentiality with respect to information about third parties that we learned before joining the company, we do not disclose such information to the company.
* We must not engage in any actions that harm the human rights, rights, legal interests, life, body, and property of employees.
* We prohibit transactions between directors and the company.
* We prohibit competitive transactions by directors.

⑼ Relationship with the Company and Company Property

* Do not misuse company property for personal use.
* Conduct appropriate accounting procedures in accordance with fair and valid accounting principles, and prohibit actions that constitute illegal dividends, fraudulent financial statements, breach of trust, and special breach of trust.
* Do not disclose, leak, or improperly use company information (including undisclosed information) without following the prescribed internal procedures, whether during employment or after retirement, that may cause damage to the company or benefit oneself or a third party.

This basic policy will be enforced from November 29, 2022.

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