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Featured in the Hokkaido Shimbun! The Charm of Kukan’s Vacation Rental Business in Niseko

Kukan Corporation was featured by the Hokkaido Shimbun.
The article provides a detailed introduction to the new wave of vacation rentals and simple lodging facilities in the Niseko area.

Source: Increase in Vacation Rentals and Simple Lodging in Niseko Targeting the Middle-Income Group
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New Travel Style in Niseko: Kukan’s Initiative

In June, we opened vacation rentals and simple lodging facilities in Kutchan Town.
These consist of two buildings with a total of six rooms, with rates for double rooms starting from 12,000 yen per night.
We aim to offer the charm of the Niseko region not only to the affluent but also to the middle-income guests.

Expanding the Scope of Vacation Rental Business: Targeting the Middle-Income Group

Our representative reports that travel to the Niseko area is becoming popular not just among the affluent but also with other demographics.
While the use of vacation rentals is limited to 180 days per year, Kukan is adopting a hybrid operation approach by increasing occupancy rates through services like monthly rentals for construction businesses.

Redefining the Lodging Experience in Niseko

Kukan is developing its vacation rental business as a means to allow more people to experience the unique atmosphere of the Niseko area.
This approach enables us to provide a stay environment suitable not only for tourists but also for those visiting for business purposes.

Future Outlook: Kukan’s Vision

Kukan aims to continue contributing to the development of the tourism industry in the Niseko area.
We are always striving to bring fresh, innovative ideas to the market and seek to grow alongside the local community.

Thorough support with original information rooted in the local area! Why not start a vacation rental investment in Niseko, Hokkaido?

Hokkaido has long been one of Japan’s leading tourist destinations, but with the development of ski resorts such as Niseko and Furano, it has recently become increasingly popular as a vacation spot for long holidays.
With the pandemic subsiding, especially the number of tourists from abroad is expected to increase further, leading to a significant rise in the demand for accommodation facilities.

The investor-focused service ‘JANKEN’ specializing in vacation rental investment also introduces properties owned by our company.

These are real estate properties in Kutchan Town, a part of the Niseko area.
The property is a three-story building near Kutchan Station, offering spacious interiors for over ten people, a convenient living environment, and excellent access to ski resorts.

We are currently operating vacation rentals and monthly apartments in various locations in Hokkaido, including Sapporo, Niseko, Furano, Otaru, and Lake Toya, with substantial experience.
We provide one-stop support for your vacation rental investment with original information based on local conditions and accumulated know-how.

If you are interested in vacation rental investments in Hokkaido, please contact JANKEN.

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